State Ritual Cast

Initiatory Degree

Degree Part Name Chapter
State Master Councilor Nic M. Scott County
State Senior Councilor Daniel C. Altoona
State Junior Councilor Cameron W. Cedar Rapids
State Senior Deacon Chase K. Scott County
Junior Deacon Cameron C. Scott County
Senior Steward Hunter R. Cedar Rapids
Junior Steward Jason F. Cedar Rapids
Scribe Bryant W. Altoona
Sentinel Wyatt H. Cedar Rapids
Chaplain Mason D. Scott County
Marshal Jake G.  Scott County
Standard Bearer Philip H. Cedar Rapids
1st Preceptor Tanner W. Altoona
2nd Preceptor Keaton D. Cedar Rapids
3rd Preceptor Dakota K. Scott County
4th Preceptor Nick H. Cedar Rapids
5th Preceptor Andrew W. Altoona
6th Preceptor Connor L. Scott County
7th Preceptor Michale A. Altoona

DeMolay Degree

Degree Part Name Chapter
Orator Jake G. Scott County
Master Inquisitor Nic M. Altoona
Senior Inquisitor Daniel C. Altoona
Junior Inquisitor Cameron W. Cedar Rapids
Jacques DeMolay Chase K. Scott County
Geoffrey de Charney Cameron C. Scott County
Marshal of the Commission Connor L. Scott County
Senior Guard Andrew W. Altoona
Lord Constable Mason D. Scott County
Godfrey de Goneville Contact SSC if Interested
Hughes de Peralde Contact SSC if Interested
Guard #1 Contact SSC if Interested
Guard #2 Contact SSC if Interested


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